My first Apple conference was in 2008. I had visited San Francisco once, a decade earlier, but this first WWDC was my first real experience of the city. Spending time with friends who had a common passion made this a great trip. I vowed to make this trip a priority every year after.

This year, I arrived a bit early… in July… of 2014. It’s crazy cool to live in the city that was previously just a once-a-year gathering spot.

Forget about the fact that I work for the company putting on the big show, just being here and having even more time to visit with friends is a gift. I get to play the host and for once not arrive late and leave early to save money—renting an apartment in SF means there’s little money left to worry about saving, but that’s for another article.

I have no WWDC advice for you except to enjoy the city. See as much of it as you can and spend as much time with friends you only get to see once a year. If you have time to make it out of SOMA, please do. I live in Pac Heights, but my wife and I spend time in the Marina, Cow Hollow, Nob Hill, Hayes Valley, Ocean Beach, North Beach, well, you get the idea. We try to get around.

This is a diverse city with so much to offer. Every year that I visited, I barely had enough time to make it to the events where my friends hung out. Now after almost a year here, I see how much I missed and how just a couple of extra days would have improved my experience.

I hope to bump into you while you are here. Cheers and have a great conference—no matter which one you attend—and enjoy San Francisco.

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