Real Power

I’m not at all happy with how our 2016 national elections turned out, but what’s done is done and we have to move forward.

I can move forward with hope because I know that the person who holds the executive office of the United States of America only has so much power to affect my world. The real power to affect change is in my hands—all of our hands.

Here’s a little secret that you may not know: Government doesn’t create change, it bows to it.

Every important change in our country has come from the people making a decision to do things differently and then pushing for the government to ratify that change. Politicians don’t act, they react. They know that they have to do what their constituents demand or they will no longer hold a seat of power.

If you have been sitting back waiting for the government to fix your problems… wake up. The only person with any power to affect long-term change in your life is you. So forget about who won or lost and who was on what team. Change starts with each and every one of us deciding to make this a better world. And the best place to begin to make a difference is locally in our own communities.

Real power is feeding the hungry.

Real power is sheltering the homeless.

Real power is speaking out for those who are being oppressed.

Real power is learning to embrace change and growth.

Real power is choosing to walk away from hatred and finding a way to love everyone.

Pointing fingers and playing the blame game is easy; we can do that with almost zero effort. It’s harder to take responsibility for change in our lives because we have to actually do something. It’s disruptive to our routines. But with how divided our country is on politics, we can’t afford to sit back and blame others.

Let’s all find one positive thing to change each and every day of our lives. Let’s show the world that we can be better than we were in this past election cycle. The real power is still undecided. It’s time to vote with our actions.